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BadAss Performance has established itself as the UK's No. 1 in performance engine styling. All ITEMS are Hand Made to Order.

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Only £2.99 per order for our fast 5-10 days delivery to your door. All items are hand made to order.


Industry Leading

UK's No. 1 in performance engine styling.

Custom Made

We use only the finest in high grade aluminium, then it’s polished to a mirror finish.

Bespoke Products

We have been developing our components for over 15 years.

We are the UK leaders in bespoke custom work for car engine bay styling. All parts are professionally hand-made by expert welders.

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Please note that the business will be closed between  5th june – 10th of june  2023

We will respond to your query upon our return on the 10th of June. FEEL FREE TO CALL ME 07974914684.All orders made before the 30th of may  will go out before i go away.