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Astra VXR Induction kit Massive Spec

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We know you just adore your Astra H VXR with its great power output, styling and sophisticated chassis. There’s always room for improvement though with any vehicle, and that’s what we here at Get BadAss Performance are dedicated to providing for committed petrol-heads. We’re the leaders in customised under-bonnet bling, and our engine bay styling experience is second to none.

What we’re offering here, at an unbeatable price, is a hand-made Astra H VXR Induction kit (Massive Spec), crafted with care and the utmost attention right here in the UK by expert welders.

Astra VXR Induction kit are hugely popular modifications among the car tuning community – replacing the stock air filter in the insulated air box in your Astra H VXR with an induction kit you’ll gain performance and let loose that rumble of the throttle that will thrill you to the marrow. Your engine, once starved of oxygen, will unleash its power with an amplified roar that will let everyone know you’re coming.

Here’s what you get in your Get BadAss Performance Astra H VXR Induction Kit:

  • X2 Pieces of Samco Hose.
  • X4 High Grip Jubilee Clip.
  • X1 Maf surround piece finished in aluminium.
  • X1 Air Filter with a life span of 150,000, Miles.
  • X1 Pipe made from high quality aluminium polished to a mirror finish.

Your induction kit comes complete with all the bits and bobs you need to fit it, and the fitment process couldn’t be easier because this kit is designed and manufactured specially for the Astra H VXR.

You can order your Astra H induction kit easily here online, using our secure check out system. At the checkout don’t forget to fill in the box provided for special instructions to let us know whether you prefer the red or blue option (as shown in the photographs here) AND what the size of your MAF end or airbox end is in millimetres (it should be 76mm or 80mm).

Once you’ve ordered we’ll deliver your Astra H VXR induction kit to your door in the UK within five working days for a delivery fee of just £2.99. Orders to Europe or other international destinations will take longer, and courier costs will vary.

If you have any queries, or would like to chat to us about all the other spectacular customised engine bay styling parts and accessories our clever craftsmen produce please give us a call on 07974 914684. We just love talking cars!


Astra VXR Induction kit Massive Spec


Brand New big bore  Astra VXR Induction kit Massive Spec

Air Maff Not Included But Polished Surround Is Included

Comes In Blue AND RED  Ok.

Please Let Me Know On Ordering Your Size Of Your Maff End Or Airbox End In Mm. Should Be 76Mm Or 80 Mm

Turbo End Should Be 60Mm Ok

Will Fit Any ASTRA H  Vxr Turbo 2.0 Ect Z20Let Ect,, Comes Complete With All The Bits You Need To Fit Perfectly To Your Car

1. X2 Pieces Of Samco Hose…

2. X4 High Grip Jubilee Clips…

3. X1 Maff Surround Piece,Polished Aly..

4. X1 Air Filter. Life Span Of 150,000, Miles..

5. X1 Aly Pipe Made From The Highest QUALITY Aluminum ..

6. Polished To A Mirror Finish..

7. Very Easy To Fit..

Maff Not Included

18 Years Of Experience ..

Gains Of Buying This Item…

Way Better Throttle Response… 10/10 Sounds…Wow Its Good…Very Very Light Piece Of Work…

Can Also Sell The Pipe On ITS OWN





SOME pictures of a induction kit fitted above

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about delivery below

so For all other international destinations, please allow 7-14 working days for delivery.

so They will re-attempt delivery twice, or you will have the chance to collect your parcel from your local depot. We regret that we will have to charge the normal postage fee of £7 if we have to re-send your parcel.

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Dimensions 76 × 60 cm

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